Affiliate Program

We appreciate your visit and recommendation today:

When you acquire a work from GALLERY M, you can further benefit by participating in our Affiliate Program.   The program enables specific volume discounts when active marketing codes are used at checkout.  To become an affiliate, register here.






Applying your Affiliate Code:

An active affiliate code is applied to purchases at GALLERY M.  Enter the active code at checkout online or when you speak with a specialist (Phone, Web, or Chat). Savings is linked to each unique code and is applied based on the active affiliate code.  Each registered code is linked to the appropriate Affiliate Marketing Representative (Affiliate).  Affiliate Marketing Representatives can distribute the code based on their individual needs and marketing requirements.   

We extend our gratitude in advance for sharing and recommending the offerings at GALLERY M.

 Affiliate Code Activation Terms:

GALLERY M reserves the right on the use of any and all codes and may change terms and conditions of use at any time at solely the discretion of GALLERY M.