Pablo Atchugarry

Pablo Atchugarry (B. 1954 - ) found his calling early as a child.  Through exploring various materials, stone quickly became his obsession.  By 21, Atchugarry was set to make an international statement.  Now known for his Carrara marble sculpture, Atchugarry's passion resonates through each cut, through each spark of inspiration which unfolds in his work.

His presence in Europe extends the centuries of tradition amongst stone sculptors.  In Atchugarry's case, his preference has been specific to Carrara.  Small and monumental, the distinct shapes and colors distinguish his works.

Other highlights:

  • Foundation Atchugarry - Miami, FL & Manatiales, Uruguay
  • Over 100 solo and group shows
  • Acclaimed Exhibitions include Brazil, Italy, Uruguay & United States
  • 2003, Venice Biennale
  • Initial comprehensive catalogue published 2013-2014 featuring works from 1971-2013  

Atchugarry lives and works in Italy with his native Uruguay as a consistent presence for his body of work.

Select works of Pablo Atchugarry are available with a GALLERY M specialist.  For further details on his life visit his full biographyView More works


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