With over 2000 satisfied collectors, GALLERY M wants you to know what others say about us and the experience we offer on and offline.

John P. - CO

Sent: February, 2021
"GALLERY M has done three insurance appraisals for us, all of which were detailed, thorough, and exhaustive.  
Very impressive research skills and fine attention to the details of the pieces themselves.  Almost dogged in the pursuit of provenance.  Who calls an artist's grandson in France to verify authenticity? GALLERY M does!"

James D. - CA

Sent: August, 2020
Subject: Ansel Adams
"I had the great privilege of working with Myrna and her team recently. I was seeking photographs that have been meaningful to me throughout my life and she was able to find a wonderful example of a prominent image.  It was a professional transaction of the highest caliber, but I felt like I was dealing with a friend throughout."

Christopher S. - IN

Sent: October, 2020
Subject: Commission
"Having no success finding a local artist to create a portrait for me, an internet search led me to Gallery M.
After speaking with the owner, Myrna Hayutin, I knew that they could help me obtain the unique art I envisioned for my new home. In looking for an artist, I came across the work of Alex Cao. Further discussion, led me to contract Alex Cao to create an original work of art.
I had never purchased fine art before...I was able to consult Myrna as to how Alex goes about the creation of his art. Having someone who knew the artist, proved invaluable. Myrna and I had numerous open conversations before I was required to make a decision. In each circumstance, I was able to make an informed decision and the best decision possible because Myrna listened to me and gave me the wealth of her experience with Alex Cao.
My Alex Cao original art work arrived on October 7, 2020. Myrna and Gallery M made the purchase of fine art a pleasure and great experience for me."

Allen S. - Denver, CO

Sent: February, 2020
Subject: Appraisal
"Myrna is an eminently qualified first tier appraiser who has not lost her ability to communicate in a professional yet cordial way with members of the general public. I brought a matter to her attention this evening which I suspect that many of her colleagues might have dismissed as being trivial. As someone accredited through the ABAA as an antiquarian bookseller I can tell you from experience that someone like Myrna will generate far more goodwill (not to mention revenue) than someone who had come across as condescending. Myrna is a shining star and a huge asset to your business."

Jonathan H. - Denver, CO

Sent: August, 2018
Subject: Appraisal
“I was introduced to Myrna for a complicated estate valuation project which included pieces from a broad time period utilizing multiple techniques. Myrna took the limited information that we had and was able to compile a very detailed appraisal of each piece and give us information that we would not be able to find otherwise. Myrna certainly takes her work to heart and went above and beyond to answer every unknown she could. I would highly recommend Myrna and GALLERY M for any similar project.”

Brian -  San Francisco, CA

Sent: April 2018
Subject: Georgia O'Keeffe
"I saw a photograph in a Georgia O'Keeffe museum exhibit that I loved, and after a brief google search, impulsively submitted an inquiry to GALLERY M online about another print of the photograph, fully expecting it to be well outside my budget. To my delight, Myrna worked with me, put in quite a bit of time researching, and in the end connected me with a gorgeous print of the photo that fit my budget. In the future GALLERY M will be the first place I reach out to for fine art photography. Thanks for a great experience and the beautiful photograph."


Myra - Denver, CO

Sent: April 2018
Subject: Appraisal
"“Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction, and skillful execution. It represents the wise choice of many alternatives.” (Charles Kierscht)

GALLERY M was challenged with my need for a very difficult appraisal situation. It involved a collection [with very scant information regarding the articles] belonging to a deceased relative. Undeterred, GALLERY M proceeded. With their extensive knowledge, experience, and ability to uncover specific information, their research, contacts, and determination resulted in providing an enormously detailed report.

GALLERY M worked with me in the utmost professional, ethical, and communicative manner. Their Final Report was complete from the Title Page to Development and Specifics of each Object concluding with the Final Value Justification. This Report became a work of art of its own!

It is an absolute joy to have GALLERY M as my Professional Appraiser. My experience with them has been superb in every aspect. I would suggest that GALLERY M is unparalleled in every way. May you make your decision to seek their service. You will be happy and wise beyond your imagination!"


Toni - Denver, CO

Sent: April 2018
Subject: Appraisal
"After my mother's death, as part of settling her estate, we hired Myrna Hayutin of GALLERY M to appraise the pictures in my mother's house. Myrna was knowledgeable, thorough, efficient and gracious. Her detailed, wonderful write up about each picture was excellent. I highly recommend her."


Dario - New York, NY

Sent: March 2018
Subject: Unique Silkscreen
"An amazing painting, found almost casually on the web from a amazing artist. It was a great experience, and I have to say thank to Myrna and all the staff for being so kind and for giving me all the information and the details that I needed. Communication was accurate and fast, as well as the shipping. I am 100% satisfied with this purchase and I will definitely come back."


Eric C. - Washington D.C.

Sent: December, 2017
Subject: Photograph
"Thank you for your great diligence in researching and unearthing these historic gems. Your strong relationship with the archivist, together with your terrific communication with us, was invaluable in tracking down exactly what we were looking for. Margaret Bourke-White's Egypt work is a treasure that deserves to be uncovered--and no easy task, as we learned--so we are so thrilled to have a bit of it here with us in Cairo."


Robert - Illinois

Sent: August, 2017
Subject: Oil Painting
“The painting is spectacular! When I came to you saying I was looking for a certain type of still life oil you asked good questions to help you in your search and requested from me any photos of works that were appealing. I was comfortable that you had a number of gallery contacts that might have works in their inventory that might be of interest. Your response time was impressive and you quickly presented me with some opportunities. Based on my prior dealing with GALLERY M, I was confident the painting would arrive within the promised timeframe and in perfect condition. Thank you very much for all of your work on this project - your research and sourcing of the painting were terrific. “


Ron L. - Illinois

Sent: Wednesday, April, 2017
Subject: Re:  Appraisal Services
"Thank you again!! Myrna and staff have gone beyond what is necessary to help with my donation of a photograph that I purchased from them. In all of my contact with them they have handled every aspect in a very professional and caring way. They understand the individual needs and wants of each client. They really do care about doing what is best for us. I would not hesitate to purchase from them. This is my second testimonial because I needed to update how they again have helped me."


Eric - Washington, D.C.

Sent: Tuesday, October, 2016 
Subject: Re:  Leonard Bernstein
"Maestro Bernstein will look magnificent hanging over the piano.  Thank you for all your efforts in tracking down this special piece. I particularly appreciate all your guidance and expertise along the way.  That you take the time to ensuring that your customers are not only satisfied but also educated has made this purchase a great experience."
All the best,


Briar - Australia

Sent: Tuesday, May 16, 2016 1:55PM
Subject: Re:  Elephant and Baby Running
Just a quick email to let you know I received Elephant and Baby, Running today.  It's beautiful and we will treasure it for many years to come.
Thank you for your fantastic service!


Riva - New York City

Sent: Wednesday, August 5, 2015 7:30 AM
Subject: Re: Corps de Ballet

"It's hung and looks amazing! Thanks for your help and making this so smooth. We will enjoy the piece immensely.


Michael - Connecticut

Sent: Saturday, Nov 2, 2013 3:01 PM
Subject: Re: Travels and Landscape
"The photograph arrived just as I returned from my trip. It was great, once again, doing business with you. In a world that is unnecessarily --and exponentially-- more complicated, you make doing business a pleasure. Thanks! 


Dennis - Pennsylvania


Sent: Tuesday, May 2, 2012 12:01 PM
Subject: Re: Photo & frame arrived safely
The framed photo arrived safely about 1 pm and it is already hanging on the wall. It really looks great and they did an excellent job of framing it. I still need to read the material you sent with it. Myrna, again I want to thank you for all the help you have been in guiding and educating me through this process. I feel very comfortable with it and I know I and future generations of the family will enjoy this art work immensely. 


Ronald - Illinois

Sent: Saturday, June 5, 2010 10:01 AM
Subject: Re: Iwo Jima
I appreciate the cooperation and assistance that the staff at Gallery M puts forth in working with their customers. I am a return customer who has been very satisfied with the professional way in which the gallery can focus on the individual wants and needs of each client. I would certainly look to the gallery for future purchases. Thank you GALLERY M, 


Gary - Texas


Sent: Thursday, October 25, 2007 10:33 AM
Subject: Re: Thanks
I want to thank you, Gallery M and Market Two in assisting me on the recent sale of my Alfred Eisenstaedt print. I found the entire process to be seamless, secure and professional. Having access to your professional services and the security of Market Two takes all the guess work out of the sale process and allowed me the assurance of working with serious, qualified buyers. Thanks again for all your assistance. Should the need arise, I will certainly utilize the services of your gallery and Market Two in the future. Best regards, 
Gary D


Vince - Nevada

Sent: Thursday, July 19, 2007 10:36 PM
Subject: Re: Surprise
Dear Myrna and Mason,
I arrived home last this evening from work to find Nechita's OPEN UP YOUR QUIET HEART waiting in my courtyard--a day ahead of schedule. As you would expect, the work is much more dynamic and impressive in person. I am very pleased. Again, I enjoyed chatting with you both. Together you helped me to make a very good decision. I'm sure this work will provide enjoyment for me and my family for many years to come. Thank you both very much for your personal (and low key) attention!
Best regards,


William - Wisconsin


Sent via Fax: July 11, 2007


"Mason Hayutin
2830 East Third Avenue
Denver, CO 80206

Dear Mason:

I wanted to write to express my appreciation to you for the excellent handling of my Eisenstaedt photograph. The service which you gave me for the sale of this classic photograph was superb.

You helped me identify the value of the piece and you found a buyer for the item in a prompt manner. You also then instructed me as to how to get it to you for your review and distribution to the buyer.

I am very pleased with the conscientious care provided by Gallery M. I look forward to working with you in the future.




Annette - Kentucky

Sent: Wednesday, December 28, 2005 7:20 AM
Subject: Re: Loet Vanderveen
Hi Mason, I just quickly wanted to let you know that my husband was extremely surprised and pleased with his gift. Thanks again for your help. As I suspected, he's interested in getting more. We're going through the catalog and checking things out and will let you know which ones we'd like pricing on. Have a happy, healthy 2006. Annette "


Paul and JoAnn - Indiana

Sent: Saturday, October 29, 2005 10:11 AM
Subject: Re: Peter Max
Mason and Myrna, The painting arrived Friday afternoon in great condition. I think we like it even more now that we see it here in our home, thanks so much for all you have done, everyone was so nice to us. I wish buying everything in life was as easy and pleasant as it was at GALLERY M. Paul & JoAnn from Indiana"


Ben and Brechtje - Netherlands

"In september 2000 we were on a vacation in the United States ... That was the first time we set eyes on the picture of Marilyn Monroe resting by Eisenstaedt (or Chequered pants, as it was called). We loved it, but decided it was inconvenient to take it with us at that time. And to be honest: we couldn't afford it either. But the image kept dwelling on our minds. So we used the internet, to see whether it was for sale anywhere. It took us just about three mouse-clicks to get to the website of Gallery M in Denver. And there it was. We inquired about availability and price, and it was available. But we did not dare to take the risk of having such an expensive artwork shipped.


Two years later we inquired again. This time we did take the big step and so, about four years after we saw the photograph for the first time, we had shipped to us. Of course we were nervous about it. Would it arrive safely, would it be just as we remembered it? Gallery M took all our worries away. They took all possible precautions to have it safely shipped to us. It was packed up in superbe way, nothing could have happened to it. We could have had it delivered to our home but decided to pick it up at the airport. Which was part of the fun actually. We received a huge crate, much bigger than we'd expected. It took us some time to unpack it, but finally there it was. As beautiful as we had remembered it. We are very happy to have it and we are very satisfied with the service that Gallery M provided. If we want to acquire another photograph, we will certainly contact them again!"


Andre - New York (July 6, 2004)

I'm just back from a week in Russia--and have opened (with great difficulty--thanks--the packing is spectacular) the box you sent with the Mydans/Faulkner photo. It is even better than I had imagined. The print itself is great and the framing is just perfect. Thanks so much for everything--I am completely, completely thrilled. Yours--André
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