KAWS (Born 1974, NJ, USA). 

Respected due to his perspective on Pop Art, KAWS' work crosses painting, sculpture, and printmaking along with fashion, merchandise and toy production.  These works are influenced by art history and popular culture. In his paintings, KAWS deconstructs his appropriation of iconic characters into forms that draw on the tradition of abstract painting.

At GALLERY M, we represent the finest in internationally recognized fine artists and photographers. Their works have impacted their medium, our culture through film, fashion and literature, and through their contributions to art history.

Museums and institutions have consistently recognized our fine artists and their contribution to their mediums.  A few include the following:

  • Howard Schatz: “Who Shot Sport” – Brooklyn Museum, 2016-2017
  • Albert Watson: “Portraits” - Smithsonian American Art Museum, 2016
  • Alex G Cao: “Portraits to Tweets” - Hofstra University Museum, 2015
  • Shay Kun: “Utopia” – Haifa Museum of Art, 2016
  • Gerhard Richter: “The Long Run” – Museum of Modern Art, 2017 – 2019
  • KAWS: “Alone Again” – Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit – 2019
  • Louise Bourgeois: “An Unfolding Portrait” – Museum of Modern Art, 2018
  • Sterling Ruby: Permanent Collection – Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum


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