David Yarrow

Fine art photography has extended its creative reach through techniques, technology and the photographer's acumen.   Internationally collected and renown, David Yarrow's love for the still has extended and refined the medium.  Born in Glasgow, Scottland, 1966 David Yarrow has made us aware of the world he richly navigates.

His original breakthrough came as a photojournalist with the London Times.  Mexico, 1986 was home to The World Cup - Soccer's premier championship.   Amongst the favorites were the German's, Italians, Brazilians and Argentina.   Led by Diego Maradona, Argentina advanced through with this head strong player and pitch great.  The Argentines' advanced to the finals despite one of sport's greatest controversies.  Along the sidelines, by chance, was a budding photojournalist.   At the finals, David Yarrow captured the hoisting of Diego Maradona and the World Cup trophy.  The image went global - and Yarrow had his break.

Parlaying his techniques, through relationships with international camera companies, auto manufacturers, luxury brands and personal pursuits, Yarrow's images have played the backdrop for worldwide campaigns.   Range Rover specifically has relied on his extensive experience of combing the jungles, deserts and notable destinations worldwide.

His evolution as a photographer has been transforming for both his own experiences and those fortunate to collect.  With society's complete understanding of the global climate crisis, Yarrow's work with wildlife has become second to none.   His tireless patience to sit in an African river basin for the right moment to get eye to eye with a thirsty (and hungry) lion, elephant or cheetah brings nature up close and personal.   The importance of scale and the depth of each subject sets a Yarrow wildlife photography lightspeed ahead of others who have tried before him.

As a contributor to the medium, his techniques and subjects have juxtaposed our pop culture with our natural world.  Collectors globally like Leonardo DiCaprio have embraced his works and even added his own backing to Yarrow's "Wolf of Wall Street" series.  Yarrow's current body of works include:

  • Wildlife
  • Storytelling
  • The Life of Others
  • African Conservation - The Charity Art Project

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* Source - David Yarrow

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