Howard Schatz

Pairs - Signed

$ 75.00

Title: "PAIRS"
Published: 2023
Publisher: Lawrence Richard Publishing
Cover: Soft

“Howard Schatz is so versatile that this volume at times seems like the work of a dozen photographers, Weegee, Avedon, Penn, Beaton, Newton, and Goude, among them. He has affection for his subjects — athletes, dancers, models, actors, pregnant moms, and interesting nobodies- and it shows in every remarkable image. Sometimes funny, often dramatic, he is a master both of the quiet revealing portrait and the explosive surprise.”

— Graydon Carter, Former Editor in Chief, Vanity Fair

Howard Schatz's twenty-third book considers a career in creating images based on at least 2Xing his perspectives.   PAIRS demonstrates how the image alone can be mirrored artistically.   A solid record to his time in the studio and at large, this publication makes an excellent gift for the photography explorer or those focused simply on learning from a living master.  The images highlight significant works and those reconsidered from the accomplishments of Howard's professional career as a photographer.

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