Howard Schatz

At The Fights

$ 75.95

Title: "At the Fights: Inside the World of Professional Boxing"
Published: 2012
Publisher: Sports Illustrated
Cover: Hard


Howard Schatz jumps into the ring with gloves off in "At The Fights - Inside the World of Boxing." Announcers, Broadcasters, Managers, Refs and Judges to the living gladiators of our day are paired with the Champions we have learned to love. Trained as an ophthalmologist, Howard uses all of his senses to eloquently portray the human form before, during and after battle. Known for his Vanity Fair portraits of celebrities and actors, his latest book includes 256 oversized pages of remarkably powerful images and insightful commentary about boxing. The six year project truly provides a unique look into boxing as both sport and fine art. As promoter Lou DiBella tells Schatz, "Boxing is a sport in its purest, most basic form. No sport is more theatrical, dramatic or real." At the Fights beautifully captures all of those aspects in a striking, deluxe package that includes introductory comments by HBO commentator Jim Lampley. A must for avid Schatz collectors.

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