Yiannis Bellis

Pastel Sorbet - Ballistic - Yiannis Bellis

Inspiration can run deep, especially when an artist works with a diverse  sense of materials.  Yiannis Bellis is an emerging sensation, known for his explorations in oil on panel.

For Yiannis George Bellis, who was raised by a single mother and rooted in his strong Greek culture, life’s everyday chores are a masterpiece in themselves. Yiannis’ inspirations for his art derive from his innovative dreams, the depth of nature and through his everyday tasks.   He is known to exude the work he has chosen.  "Art is Life" is one of his mantras.   He understands the role of a work of fine art to one's environment - as his works sell he longs for their presence.  The wall must not remain empty as there is a void that requires nurturing.  And so he incurs a new inspiration and path.

His insights are from his love of architecture, his sense of street and pop culture, and the spiritual.   Yiannis' methods and materials include: fire, film, water and sculptural objects like balls.   There is always a plan to his art.   In fact, Yiannis has a deep personal catalogue of planned works.   These works have originated from his journey across continents and with visits to his contemporaries in art, film and music.


“I want people to be happy waking up to my paintings. I want them to be just as happy as the day that they bought it.” - Yiannis George Bellis


GALLERY M is proud to offer a select grouping of Yiannis Bellis original works.  Contact a specialist today online. or at 303-331-8400.


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