Tyler Shields

One snap is all it took.  Tyler Shields (1982 - ), professional photography career started from a fortuitous personal photograph that opened his love for the medium.  Originally his goal was to be a professional skateboarder.  A relationship changed that when a personal photo went viral (Myspace quickly became Shields launching pad in addition to what it did for @myspacetom).

A blood-stained Lindsay Lohan, "contentious" shots of Mischa Barton fondling raw meat and others were just the recognition that built Shields into a goto visual artist and photographer. Shield's interaction in Hollywood included Emma Roberts, Aaron Paul, Zachary Quinto, Demi Lovato, Juno Temple, Shiloh Fernandez and Lydia Hearst. 

Today, Shields is recognized through international collections, private & public, because of his sensibility contrasting form and function.   This has lead to commercial work internationally behind a still and motion camera.  His fine art photography has contrasted contemporary themes with familiar points of consumer and historical relevance.  Some point out Tyler's knack to make a compelling work equal to one of his artistic inspirations, Andy Warhol.  He is represented at GALLERY M because of his own contributions to the medium with over 10 portfolios currently available.   While both Warhol and Shields include consumerism and fame, his technique relies on staying pure as a photographer while operating in the digital age.  Distinguishing Shields is that he tirelessly creates his shoots and then relies on the camera to reveal the result solely and untouched before the lens.   

In his Decadence collection, Shield's creativity to compose a still as if thrown back in time interplays with the relevant message perfected by nobility.  His subjects placement (portraits and stills) sends an effective message.  Love thyself - or simply love the consumption experience.   Even Marie Antoinette would pass on the cake for Shield's visual expressions in Decadence.

In 2020, Shields has retained the attention of the media.  A recent Forbes Magazine article online explored his career and process to date.

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