Sal Salinero

Internationally-renowned and winner of numerous awards, artist and painter Sal Salinero is considered an "island treasure." His time spent in the Florida Keys, Panama and the Pacific instills a prodigious energy. Of Cuban decent, Salinero was born in 1941 in Key West, Florida as a fourth-generation "conch" (native Key Wester). Sal's reputation as one of the region's favorite artists is well deserved. His paintings of wildlife and tropical foliage reflect the understanding of nature and man. Skilled as a master still life and trompe l'oeil artist, his sensitivity and ability to capture the nuances of reflected light have earned him an enviable position in the art community as well as with his international collectors.

The inspiration for great art, it is said, comes from the heart. For Sal Salinero, the inspiration additionally comes from the soul. In painting these magnificent rainforest landscapes, Salinero captures not only the physical beauty, but also the spiritual sense of perfection in nature. His realistic painting style stimulates the viewer to investigate the mysteries of the rainforest - from the canopy to the ground - with an accessibility and directness that enables one to imagine that one is actually there. His paintings are devoid of any psychological complexity - they depict a world of beautiful birds, flowers and sun-drenched landscapes of the rainforest and tropical regions with which he is so familiar.

Mr. Salinero's fascination with the rainforest is not new. He initially developed this interest in 1964, while stationed in the Republic of Panama as an Army Green Beret. His numerous trips to the Darien Jungle for survival training exposed him to the richest sources of life on the planet - humid, dense and verdant tropical rainforests. Since that time, he has explored and photographed the tropical rainforests around the world. His captured memories have been transferred into his body of work.

Sal inspires us with a sharp appreciation for the beauty of the rainforests. His concern for the environment hopefully transcends others with a responsibility to help save our precious rainforests. Salinero's original oil paintings hang in private, public and corporate collections in both the US and abroad including those in England, Germany, Australia, and Japan. Collectors have recognized his notable style, including the personal collections of the late playwright, Tennessee Williams, and author, Nancy Friday. These exquisite works are now available in masterfully reproduced exclusive limited editions that capture the detail and vibrancy of the original oil paintings.

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