Rick Fields (1960 - )

Unique and creative explains why artists simply are. 

Rick Fields has been a graphite artist for over 30 years.   Asked, he might say he is 31 years old because of his life journey.  He has been an actor and has found performance personally entertaining.  Through exploration and exhibitions, he has become recognized nationally and internationally for his graphite mastery.   Unique to Rick is his focus on contemporary objects that have percolated up into a pop culture: the cassette tape being his latest.

Rick’s unique works have been shown  and collected internationally.  Exhibitions included:

  • Scope Miami
  • Art South Hampton
  • Art Market San Francisco,
  • Los Angeles art show,
  • AAF: Hong Kong.  

GALLERY M is proud to offer a select grouping of Rick Field's works. Availability is updated regularly and commissions are available.  Reach a specialist for additional details online or at 303-331-8400. 


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