Regina Saura

Raised with the art of photography all around, Regina learned to see the world differently, When her father, a professional photographer, gave her a camera, she gained the power to frame and choose images according to her notion of the world. When her father took Regina and her sister to museums, the artist, with her characteristic quirkiness and deep sense of nuance, came away from these houses of art impressed most with their ambiance and silence. Thus, when it was time for her to move with her husband from Barcelona and her successful graphic design business to a small village on the northern Mediterranean coast of Spain to raise their daughter she was ready to create her highly acclaimed collage paintings.

Other painters don't impact her work that much. She explains, "I think the most important thing about my work is that I'm not influenced by any one artist. This gives me a freshness and spontaneity that keeps my work very personal. The key element is the combination of colors, also very personal, and the synthesis that is more photographic than pictorial, although I see my future to be a continuing investigation of painting and collage, not photography."

Regina Saura draws as if she sees like a child. Her scribbles and shapes are free of adult self-consciousness. The lines are not crude, but they rise from a rudimentary and more accessible place, as if a child interpreted them before convention and technique got in the way. The artist uses bright, primary and secondary colors that bring to mind Post- impressionist painters Henri Matisse and Raoul Dufy's palettes in their ability to create harmonious tension. She also likes orange, a color that infuses her collages with warmth and energy, making her work a vibrant rendition of Georges Braque's cubist still lifes.

The objects often found in Regina's works form part of a personal iconography, symbols of her life experiences. With her visceral reaction to real-life objects and calculated representation of space, the artist makes the familiar seem unexpected and new. Her work is charged with emotion and executed with intellectual determination, stimulated mind and spirit with the unimagined and the impossible.

Regina's mixed-media paintings are represented in public and private collections throughout Europe, the US and Japan, including the St. Petersburg Museum in Moscow. The artist is also an accomplished muralist, receiving prestigious public murals in her native Spain.

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