Prosopo Project

When a global crisis occurs, the innocent are invariably impacted.   Lives and families are torn apart and from it forced journeys occur.  Prossopo continues to raise awareness for those who have fled, who have struggled, whose face has not been seen and to some extent had to transition from one existence to begin in the unfamiliar and new.   

 Whether a refugee from Syria, Sierra Leone, the Ukraine or from Latin America, an awareness to the plight, difficulties and the life threatening journey a fellow human endures is what what a Prossopo "Face" recognizes.   

Each Pink face has been a marker over the past 10 years through the Prossopo anonymous international art collective.  From New York, RiNo, Los Angeles, the streets of Paris and Athens to Miami, Wynwood, San Fransisco or Seattle, Prossopo is there amongst the wheat pastes and placards.   


 On the streets, a face appears on a curb, on walls, or in subtle pillars meant to provoke.  A reminder and symbol of hope, change, and a new beginning.


As part of your collection, it is meant to remind and instill discussion about those who bore it all and moved against the odds to find and begin a better life in spite of the odds.    

GALLERY M represents the Prossopo Black and White collection.  Contact a specialist today to verify availability either by online request or at 303-331-8400.

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