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Featured Title: Can Art Change The World

About the Artist: 

JR exhibits freely in the streets of the world, catching the attention of people who are not typical museum visitors. In 2011 he received the TED Prize, after which he created Inside Out, an international participatory art project that allows people worldwide to get their picture taken and paste it to support an idea and share their experience. His most recent projects include a collaboration with New York City Ballet, a huge installation on the Pantheon in Paris, the pasting of a container ship and an exhibition on the abandoned hospital of Ellis Island. He recently directed the short documentary Les Bosquets, based on the story of Ladj Ly and the performance of the ballet Les Bosquets of New York City Ballet (2014) inspired by the riots in the French suburbs in 2005. JR also directed Face to Face, Women are Heroes, and Wrinkles of the City Cuba.


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