Peter Max

From visionary pop artist of the 1960s, to master of dynamic neo Expressionism, Peter Max and his vibrant colors have become part of the fabric of contemporary American culture. His childhood background stretched over 6 countries after being born in Europe.  His hallmark works incorporate many aspects of his journey.  From the calligraphy of the Buddhist monks to the Classical statuary in Parisian gardens, Max was inspired by the elegance of the line which gives birth to form. Equally impacting were the influences from American comic book art, European Expressionists and Fauves,   His late 20s were formative and defined his career style.  Max style, a bold linear type of painting which employed shocking color juxtapositions and depicted transcendental themes, is internationally recognized in fine art today.

Peter Max is an activist through his art.  He has celebrated America icons and principles.  Freedom and democracy are synonymous with his famous Liberty paintings from the 70s and 80s and American Flags which he affectionately calls "Flag with a Heart" for a Country with a heart.  Max has been selected for national campaigns and prominently displayed in the White House.  In 1981 he was invited by President and Mrs. Reagan to paint six Liberty portraits at the White House. Max has painted for five U.S. Presidents - Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush and Clinton.   His talents have been prominently commissioned by The US Post Office, The United Nations, The US National Park, The Worlds Fair and Woodstock 1994 to name a few.

Peter Max has been represented by GALLERY M since 1996.  GALLERY M's founder, Myrna Hayutin, actually began representing Peter's works in the late eighties and developed a unique bond with Peter.  In 2006, Peter joined collectors in GALLERYM's Cherry Creek North gallery for a major three day exhibition titled "Colors of a Better World."  Peter Max's official release of his 2006 Team USA, Turin Olympic Winter Games imagery and poster was exclusively held in her gallery. This event was held on Friday, October 14 2005 with 14 U.S. Olympians in attendance.  The receptions saw almost 600 collectors and fans choose and collect his latest original and unique works.

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