Mel Bochner

Blah Blah Blah by Mel Bochner 2020

Mel Bochner (B: 1940, Pittsburgh ) is a leading conceptual fine artist actively working and contributing to today’s cultural conversation.    From his first foray after college, Bochner was influenced and joined the minimalists and conceptual movements of the 1960s in New York.    His contributions to conceptual art continue to resonate today.

In 1966,  “Working Drawings and Other Visible Things on Paper Not Necessarily Meant to Be Viewed as Art” at ​​the School of Visual Arts in New York placed an exclamation on the movement’s formal arrival.  The interplay of form, language, color, and space define his visual dialogue. From shows to auctions, museums and private collections, his works welcome the visual conversation and question found in the provocative nature of art.   Some notable works and series include:

  • "Working Drawings" (1966)
  • "Measurement: Room Size" (1970)
  • "Blah, Blah, Blah" (2011)
  • "Thesaurus" (2008)

In his “Measurement” series, Bochner posts the dimensions of an exhibition space directly on the walls. For his Thesaurus paintings, Bochner paints a single word and its synonyms, often in vibrant hues. His practice, relevant for GALLERY M collectors, also includes photography.

Over 60 years has lead Bochner's talent to some of the finest institutions and galleries globally including: the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Centre Pompidou, the Tate, and Moderna Museet (Stockholm).

Select Museum Shows included:

  • Yale University Art Gallery, 1995: Mel Bochner: Thought Made Visible 1966–1973
  • Harvard University Art Museum, 2002: Mel Bochner: Photographs 1966–1969 
  • Art Institute of Chicago, 2006: Mel Bochner: Language 1966–2006 
  • Jewish Museum, 2014: Mel Bochner: Strong Language

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