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Howard Bingham

Howard Bingham's role is sports history is directly tied to his long friendship and bond to Muhammad Ali. Originally sent on assignment in 1962, Bingham's role as a news photographer for the Los Angeles Sentinal evolved into an important historian for the greatest of all time - then known as Cassius Clay.


Since, Howard Bingham has remained integral to Ali's story. Specifically, Bingham was the executive producer of the motion picture film featuring Will Smith as Ali.


Bingham's photographs, along with those from Neil Leifer, are the basis for the 2004 fine art book released by Taschen called GOAT. Due to the relationship with Taschen, Bingham's signed photographs are included with the limited edition Champs edition of GOAT.


GALLERY M is one of a few fine art galleries internationally who offers Howard's photographs with Taschen's tribute to Muhammad Ali. Contact GALLERY M for more details or to order