Dennis Hopper


Dennis Hopper (1937-2010) known for his illustrious acting and film career created a meaningful body of work as a photographer.   As he strived to excel as an actor, Hopper carried his camera regularly.  The cultural changes in America and elsewhere were his subjects.  Through the lens, Dennis found a visual expression that lent itself to his vision as a regarded photographer, film producer and to what many have experienced in his acting career.  Key highlights for his photography include:



  • Museum inclusion - Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles
  • Paris Photo, Los Angeles - 2014
  • Public and Private Collections

Hopper's influence stemmed deeply from American, specific to the American West.  Born in Kansas, he ultimately spent formative years between San Diego, Los Angeles and Taos New Mexico.  His artistic breadth rewarded the public visually.  His photography rewards those focused to this day on the importance of the still. 

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