Anne De Villemejane

Few fine sculptors appear today with an understanding of tradition, mastery of form and a compelling dialogue between the work and the audience. Anne de Villeméjane is such a find and a fresh vision to the medium.

Born in France, Villeméjane found a passion for international travel and exploration. Ultimately, these journies compelled her to sculpt.

Her original mentors were other sculptors, painters and teachers in Italy and the United States. One, Jay Bordage, teacher at Harvard Center for the Arts, stated about her work:

"although in repose, Anne de Villemejane's figures seem to pulsate with life..."

From critical reviews and through her own rigor, Anne developed a refined eye and hand for sculpture. Today she works in a mix of materials. Bronze, metal, concrete, collage and crystal are her current strengths.

The forms that follow from her hand, pull from her personal inspirations and professional journey.

Each work is hand finished. Depending on the medium, the transition from an idea to the solid form becomes unique. Some are exposed to their core - which relates to how the forms – faces, bodies or couples – are not just material. They reflect substance. Each work has a personality that evokes an emotion. The take away is elegance.

The subject might be fresh from her mind to the maquette or her own interpretation of her drawings and paintings.

GALLERY M is proud to offer exclusively in Colorado and online her available works either as unique one of a kind sculpture or as part of an edition. For additional details on her works, contact a GALLERY M consultant today.

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