Alexandra Nechita

A lot has happened for Alexandra Nechita since her introduction to collectors globally in the 90s.


Alexandra Nechita continues to be recognized as an accomplished international artist.   The story of Ms. Nechita is remarkable. She burst on to the international art scene as a bright-eyed eight-year old, who, upon seeing Picasso’s work for the first time and not knowing who the artist was, told her mother , “He (Picasso) paints like me!” She was instantly drawn to the work of Picasso, because she intuitively understood the concepts of color, composition, and clarity of expression.


Born in Romania on August 27, 1985, Ms. Nechita immigrated with her family to the United States at the age of eighteen months. Immediately she began to express herself in a unique visual style. At the age of two, Alexandra began working in pen and ink. By age five she had graduated to watercolors. At seven she was using oils and acrylics. Her first exhibit was a one-woman (child) show held at a Los Angeles- area public library when she was just eight years old.


As the word spread of this unique talent, the media (who labeled her the “Petite Picasso”) and legitimate art critics, began telling the story of Alexandra Nechita, the rarest of child prodigies. She was immediately offered an exhibit at the prestigious (non-profit) Mary Paxon Gallery. Alexandra was indeed one-of-a-kind: an abstract cubist painter who had only recently turned nine years old.


Over the following months, Alexandra was invited to one exhibit after another. As she neared her tenth birthday, she had already held an astonishing eight solo exhibits and her talent was quickly being recognized by an art world enchanted by her virtuosity.


Today, Alexandra's career has been elevated to a level coveted for all but the truest of art masters. Bright, articulate, and level-headed, Alexandra and her style, which she likes to call the “Nechita”, has brought her world-wide recognition. This has included film and television cameos, along with her own efforts with numerous charities and “big idea” forums like TEDx. She enjoys traveling, cruises, and remaining close with family.


GALLERY M first brought Alexandra Nechita to the Rocky Mountain Region in 1998. Over 2000 eager admirers and collectors waited patiently to meet her and acquire work from this prodigy. In 2003, as Alexandra finished her high school career and prepared for college at UCLA, GALLERY M introduced her new work, including “The Wine Taster”.

As part of Nechita's 3rd personal appearance at GALLERY M, Alexandra debuted her 2007 series of signed limited edition lithographs and bronze sculptures amongst other exciting works. Collectors meet with Alexandra throughout opening weekend to talk about her new acrylics on canvas, bronze sculptures, and hand-pulled lithographs.

Alexandra today diligently extends her vision for her fine original works, focused on directions which continue her signature style.

GALLERY M, as one of Alexandra's authorized, premier fine art galleries since 1996, works with collectors worldwide to ensure a balanced collection and portfolio.  Start your collection of Nechita's works here.