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Alex G Cao

Love You Tender, Kill Me Softly - Alex Guofeng Coa In the 80's, surrounded by glitz, glam and pop, America welcomed amongst many a young teen. Alex Guofeng Cao arrived his family from China like so many before to hit New York City. Cao, an "X" er with a distinguished and developing passion for how we look and see ourselves, set his studies on photography. Influenced by his new surroundings in New York, along with the imagery of Irving Penn, Mapplethorpe and other luminaries of the medium, Cao's commercial opportunities gave rise to his fine art. These have stemmed from Vogue to Maxim magazines eliciting further foundation for an explosive and thoughtfully compelling body of work.

In late 2009, Alex Guefeng Cao's Miami Art Basel debut garnered national media attention because of, amongst many reasons, his pixelated photograph series. Each paired "homage" with conceptual insight.

The current collection reaches into the history of pop culture, politics and religion. As many great artist prior, the level of homage to influence - fine art's way of referencing the source - is the latch, the hook that Cao's work visually speaks. He draws on the great societies before our own, relying on "western antiquity" and "...the iconic and statuesque sculptures of the ancient Egypt, Greek and Roman eras." Like his subjects, the photographs remind us of the importance of the image and how it has been built. His detailed and deliberate process (an image within an image) is contrasted with the largest of scale.

Cao's current choice of black and white photography is paired with his love for the mosaic process. All the color that is needed for his art is the various shades of grey, the digital stitching of black and white tiles. Each takes life from the storied, colorful characters and messages a collector ultimately sees.

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