Child Safe Zones - Chuck Nazty

Child Safe Zones - Chuck Nazty

Every child needs a safe and inspiring place to call home.  As part of the 2018 Inspire Art & Culture Series at GALLERY M, we have selected two charities to benefit from collector involvement in the local community.  The two charities are the Rocky Mountain Child Law Center and Jewish Colorado.   Direct support is through our Child Safe Zones campaign with each.

About the Painting:

As a sports-centric community, we could think of no better icon than a major sports figure like the Colorado Rockies' Charlie Blackmon.  Created by local artist Armando Silva, Nazty is a unique 60" x 48" acrylic/latex work on canvas.    Silva uses his art to better the lives of communities through his creations.  Mixed with performance and paint, Silva creates works individually that can set a room, in a home or office, abuzz.   He has been featured during city events, sporting and cultural, and has earned a following through his outdoor murals and performance artworks.

To own "NAZTY: A Homage to Charlie Blackmon," To own the work outright contact a specialist online or at 303-331-8400.

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