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"I want to look through the view-finder of the camera and fall in love: I want to look through my view-finder and see an image I've never seen before anywhere else!." Howard Schatz


Notable Awards: Black and White Spider Awards The Greatest Black and White Photography Vol 1 Fold Studies 1174 and 1177 2006 Gold Award: Black and White Magazine Photo Annual COVER: Trumpet Tree Leaf from Botanica 2004

Achievements: International Center of Photography - NY, Oakland Musuem - CA, Musee de L'Elysee, Lausanne, Switzerland. Heinz-Nixdorf Musuem, 2009, Museum of Contemporary Art - Rome, 2011.


Shawn Crawford (Sprint 200 M)
by Howard Schatz

Howard Schatz

The Corps de Ballet
by Howard Schatz

The Pieta with Brooke Shields
by Howard Schatz

Boxing Study #1186(Andre Berto)
by Howard Schatz

by Howard Schatz

The Last Supper
by Howard Schatz

Howard Schatz is an award-winning photographer now living in New York City with his wife and business partner, Beverly Ornstein. With nineteen books of photographs to his credit, Schatz's wide-ranging artistic oeuvre includes studies of dancers (in his book, Passion & Line), athletes (in Athlete, and his 2012 release of At The Fights), portraiture (in Gifted Woman, Homeless: Portraits of Americans in Hard Times, Rare Creatures: Portraits of Models, The Virtuoso and Seeing Red: The Rapture of Redheads), and a world of underwater imagery, different from anything ever seen (in Pool Light, WaterDance and his release of H20).

Six photographs from Howard Schatz's Passion & Line series were included in the 41st Annual World Press Photo Foundation exhibition, Eyewitness 1998", an exhibition of the best 200 photographs of 1997, as selected by an independent jury from over 36,000 entries.

Howard Schatz has exhibited extensively around the world. His photographs are included in the permanent collections of numerous museums including:

International Center of Photography, New York; Oakland Museum, Oakland, CA; University Art Museum, California State University, Long Beach; and Musee de L'Elysee, Lausanne, Switzerland.

Additionally, his photographs have appeared in countless magazines throughout the world, including a running series in Vanity Fair along with the covers of TIME, Sports Illustrated, US News and World Report, GQ Italia to name a few. Schatz's imagery is turned to for editorial shoots consistently as seen previously in Vogue, Vogue Italia, GQ Italia, The New York Times Magazine, The New Yorker, Stern, Life, Black/White, American Photo, Photo France, Photo Italia and Vaniety Fair. Howard has shared his vision with the major American and European television shows including the Today Show and Good Morning America as well as with sources like NPR, Fox Sports Network and the Discovery Channel.

On October 5, 2007 GALLERY M again was the first international fine art photography gallery to release Schatz's extrodinary works from H2O. H2O takes his underwater themes to a "deeper" level by further exploring his own underwater techniques.

To understand why Howard is such a regarded photographer, GALLERY M sat with Howard for a 3 part video series in 2007. Part one is available online. Additional features are at GALLERY M's video center.

Photographs from the series are now available for acquisition.

Shortly before the release of H20, Schatz began a 6 year journey of documenting the in's and out's of the boxing world.

On November 13, 2012, his photographs become available in his 19th book - At The Fights: Inside the World of Boxing."

For someone trained originally as a doctor, Schatz states it was very "challenging" to initially understand why someone would throw there body in harms way: "...a blow to the head can cause irreversible damage at the cellular level." From luminaries like Ali to rising stars Yuri Foreman, Joseph Agbeko, Andre Berto and others, Schatz has delivered a poetic oeuvre atypical to the sport but exceptional for a fine art photographer.

GALLERY M is pleased to represent the photography of Howard Schatz exclusively in the Rocky Mountain Region and online.

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