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"..I try to make my pictures seem reasonable and then, at the last minute, pull the rug from beneath the viewer's feet, very gently so there's a little thrill..." John Loengard



Notable Awards: American Photo's "Top 100" influencial photographers, 2005

Achievements: First Picture Editor, People Magazine


Brassai's Eye
Paris, France 1981
by John Loengard
John Loengard (1934 - )
John Loengard, Annie Leibovitz on the Chrysler Building
Annie Leibovitz on the Chrysler Building
New York, New York 1991
Gelatin Silver
by John Loengard
© Time, Inc.
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Work Surface: Archival Paper Size: 16.0 x 20.0 Certificate: Yes
Style: Photojournalism Signed: Yes Subject: Annie Leibovitz
Condition: Pristine

John Loengard is a veteran LIFE photographer who began his career with LIFE as a freelance photographer in 1956 and joined the staff full time in 1961. He went on to become a picture editor of LIFE Magazine and helped create People Magazine as well. Annie Leibovitz (Leibowitz) and assistant Robert Bean on the Chrysler Building is just one example from his portfolio of modern gelatin prints. GALLERY M represents many other works by Loengard as well. Collect by calling 1.877.331.8401 or request more information online today.
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