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GALLERY M is a contemporary gallery representing over 30 international fine artists, photographers and sculptors. Our Cherry Creek North gallery is located at: 180 Cook Street, Suite 101 Denver, CO 80206

  Fine Art Photography is
not just a passion for
some. Eisenstaedt,
Bourke-White, Feininger,
and other 20th century
master photographers
knew how to make
anyone smile.

See. Understand.
Collect. More

The Pieta with Brooke Shields
The Pieta with Brooke Shields
by Howard Schatz
Shawn Crawford (Sprint 200 M)
Shawn Crawford (Sprint 200 M)
by Howard Schatz

July 9, 2011 : Santa Fe, NM

As part of GALLERY M's 2011 participation with ART SANTA FE, the local media found various works of interest. International photographer Howard Schatz's latest work, The Pietà with Brooke Shields and New York City Ballet soloist, Sebatien Marcovici, d'après Michelangelo, was the lead image for Pasatiempo The Santa Fe New Mexican's Weekly Magazine of Arts. Additional details can be found at the Santa Fe New Mexican Newspaper website here.

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